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APOM is a community & training hub for God's messenger.


God is equipping and sending messengers to go throughout the earth as his ambassadors to advance and establish the kingdom of God here on earth. These messengers are called to the spheres that are responsible for influencing and shaping the world at large, to lead, intercede, and govern. These messengers are not called to the pulpit of a church, but they are called to be the church wherever they go. APOM is a spirit led and assignment-driven community of believers whose primary focus is to help messengers identify their sphere of influence, teach messengers how to use their gifts once they get there, teach messengers how to apply spiritual principles as strategies while they are there, and how to walk in their God-given power and authority to overcome resistance and opposition while doing so. APOM is a hub that messengers can go to for weekly meetings, monthly prayer meetings, spiritual and marketplace trainings, and more.

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Prophetic Huddle

A live stream on Youtube every Tuesday night where messengers gather to receive encouragement, insight, instructions, and strategies. 

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Quarterly trainings, workshops, and classes for messengers who want to grow in their faith, spiritual gifts, and the marketplace. 

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Prayer & Planning

A prayer & planning meeting is scheduled once a month and once a year to seek and hear God regarding our plans.

APOM is led by Mel, the founder of the APOM Community. 




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