Meet Mel

Founder & Leader of APOM Community

Mel is a prophet of God and the overseer of the APOM Community. APOM Community was inspired by Mel's anointing and ability to navigate between two worlds; the church world and the real world, by applying Kingdom principles and providing solutions to real-world problems. 

Every believer is a messenger of the gospel. As messengers, we are placed in spheres of influence to establish and advance the kingdom of God. We have been given dominion, authority, power over unclean spirits, spiritual gifts, and the anointing of God to occupy until he returns.

As a prophetic voice and apostolic anointing to build, Mel trains and equips the messengers apart of the APOM Community to be effective leaders in their sphere of influence. Mel helps leaders discern the voice of God, embrace leadership, identify their assignments, use their platforms to influence, and steward their gifts. 

Mel is also known for her business acumen. Mel uses technology to create innovative faith-based platforms to spread the gospel, coach believers and leaders, and distribute faith-based content.


Coach Keisha

Keisha is a mother, entrepreneur, and has a nonprofit profit organization helping women in recovery get back on their feet and reunified with their children. Keisha raises awareness of addiction, addictive behaviors, cycles, and substance abuse.

Coach Melaney

Melaney is an author, entrepreneur, wife, and loving mother. She raises awareness of the importance of mental health, mental illness, mental stability, and support groups. Melaney offers programs and services to help women and men become whole and healed in their minds.